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9/26/2014 - The Wall Street Journal
A pedestrian bridge collapsed onto a Detroit freeway on Friday, September 26 after being struck by the boom of a waste-hauling truck. Photo: AP
9/26/2014 - The Wall Street Journal
Police said a man fired from a food processing plant in Moore, Okla., beheaded a woman with a knife, attacked another worker, and was shot by the owner of the company. Photo/Video: AP
9/24/2014 - The Wall Street Journal
A majority of Americans favor more direct engagement with Cuba, but what will it take to change U.S. policy? #CubaNow's Ricardo Herrero discusses with Tanya Rivero. Photo: Getty
9/26/2014 - The Wall Street Journal
A group of tech-savvy parents have built NightScout, a remote-monitoring system that gives young diabetics and their families more flexibility in managing the disease.
9/26/2014 - The Washington Post
Virgin Group founder Richard Branson talks with The Post's Lillian Cunningham about his dyslexia, his trouble with numbers and why neither has held him back.
9/24/2014 - The Wall Street Journal
Before the United Nations General Assembly, President Obama called on other nations to help tackle mounting global security and health crises. WSJ's Jeffrey Sparshott reports. Photo: AP
9/26/2014 - The Wall Street Journal
Two classes of warships kicked off the U.S.-led attacks on Islamic State and the al Qaeda-linked Khorasan group. What are these ships capabilities? WSJ's Jason Bellini has #TheShortAnswer.
9/26/2014 - The Wall Street Journal
In this week's photos, a memorial marks the anniversary of the Westgate Mall attack in Nairobi, Syrian Kurds flee an advance by Islamic State militants, and more. Photo: Associated Press
9/26/2014 - The Wall Street Journal
Ebola patient Dr. Richard Sacra told reporters at the University of Massachusetts Medical School on Friday that he has no regrets about going to Liberia, where he contracted the disease, adding he will likely return to the country. Photo/Video: AP
9/26/2014 - The Washington Post
From airstrikes in Syria to President Obama's "latte salute," late-night comics like Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart and Jimmy Kimmel take on this week in politics.
10/4/2014 - Today Show
Fleetwood Mac played their first concert with Christine McVie since she left the band 16 years ago. "There was a sense of completeness," Mick Fleetwood says to TODAY's Lester Holt. "It's almost like it never happened that she went away."
9/24/2014 - Today Show
As a Weight Watchers spokesperson, Jessica Simpson has learned a few secrets to healthy eating. She shares a few of her go-to snacks with Kathie Lee and Hoda and also shares a tasty pasta dish.
10/4/2014 - Today Show
"Saturday Night Live" alum Adam Sandler signed a four-picture deal with Netflix to star in movies that will be available exclusively through their movie-streaming service. If successful, could pioneer a new way of making movies. NBC's Joe Fryer reports.
10/4/2014 - The Wall Street Journal
Jean-Claude "Baby Doc" Duvalier, ousted Haitian dictator, died of a heart attack on Saturday. He was 63 years old. Photo/Video: AP
9/27/2014 - The Wall Street Journal
Thousands of Hong Kong electoral reform supporters linger despite 13 overnight arrest at the Legislative Council complex.
9/27/2014 - Now I Get It
On September 23, 2014 President Obama for the first time publicly mentioned the Khorasan group. Yahoo Global News Anchor Katie Couric explains the group that is made up of former al-Qaida operatives in Syria.
9/24/2014 - The Wall Street Journal
President Obama, while addressing the U.N General Assembly, reaffirmed the U.S.'s support for Ukraine, and pledged to work with a broad coalition to defeat islamic State.
9/27/2014 - The Wall Street Journal
Syrian Kurdish fighters injured combating Islamic State Militants arrived Suruc Hospital, on the Turkey-Syria border, on Saturday for treatment. Photo/video: AP
10/4/2014 - Today Show
Texas health officials have been scrambling to contain the Ebola virus from spreading beyond Dallas patient Thomas Eric Duncan, removing towels and quarantining the family Duncan was staying with. NBC's Mark Potter reports.
9/27/2014 - The Wall Street Journal
Mount Ontake erupted in central Japan on Saturday, catching mountain climbers by surprise. Photo: Getty
9/27/2014 - The Wall Street Journal
Riot police used pepper spray on crowds and arrested dozens of student protestors fighting for democracy in Hong Kong on Saturday. Photo: Getty
9/27/2014 - The Wall Street Journal
Chelsea Clinton and her husband Marc Mezvinsky announced the birth of their baby girl, Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky, on Twitter Friday night. Photo: Getty
9/27/2014 - The Wall Street Journal
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said India looks for friendship and cooperation with neighboring countries in an address to the United Nations General Assembly. Photo: Getty
10/4/2014 - The Wall Street Journal
Pro-Democracy Protestors in Hong Kong held a rally with singers and speakers on Saturday night despite the city chief executive's warning to clear the streets. Photo/Video: AP
9/30/2014 - The Wall Street Journal
At 17, student activist leader Joshua Wong is one key figure at the center of Hong Kong's pro-democracy protests. He has drawn admiration from demonstrators and ire from Beijing. Photo: European Pressphoto Agency
10/4/2014 - Today Show
Weekend TODAY's new news anchor Sheinelle Jones, in her first day at the Weekend TODAY news desk, reports on threatening emails at Harvard, protests in Hong Kong and the enterovirus.
9/26/2014 - Today Show
A study from Cornell provides advice on how to make changes to your kitchen in order to improve your health.
10/4/2014 - Today Show
Dr. Roshini Raj joined TODAY's Erica Hill to answer viewers' questions about Ebola in the U.S., saying that people should not worry about traveling to Texas after one Dallas man was diagnosed with the virus.
9/26/2014 - Today Show
Ray Isle of Food & Wine gives Kathie Lee and Hoda a wine taste test to see if they can guess the price of four fall wines.
9/26/2014 - The Washington Post
Americans owe more than a trillion dollars in student loan debt. Here's how to pay yours back faster — explained with dominoes.
9/30/2014 - The Washington Post
A powerful hailstorm swept through Colorado on Monday as Aurora witnessed a supercell cloud over the city. Hailstones blanketed various parts of Colo. including Denver.
9/30/2014 - The Wall Street Journal
At a congressional hearing, Secret Service director Julia Pierson accepted full responsibility for the recent White House intruder and outlined strategy for improving procedures. Photo: Getty
9/30/2014 - The Wall Street Journal
Benjamin Netanyahu has berated world leaders who condemned Israel for its war with Hamas, while praising the US president for attacking Islamic State. WSJ’s Mark Kelly reports.
9/30/2014 - The Wall Street Journal
Secret Service Director Julia Pierson and Rep. Jason Chaffetz discuss the details of an incident involving an intruder on the grounds of the White House. Photo: Getty.
10/5/2014 - The Wall Street Journal
Tensions and emotions rise in Hong Kong's central government district. The WSJ's Diana Jou talks to people on the scene.
9/28/2014 - The Wall Street Journal
Raw footage captured police using tear gas to break up pro-democracy protests near Hong Kong government headquarters.
10/4/2014 - Today Show
When one Mississippi high school football team lost their quarterback for the game due to injury, their opponents offered up their starting quarterback. NBC's Kristen Dahlgren reports.
9/26/2014 - Today Show
TODAY contributor and relationship expert Matthew Hussey gives advice for making you more attractive and desirable to your partner and explains how to get attention from your online dating profile.
9/28/2014 - The Wall Street Journal
Hong Kong's Occupy Central pro-democracy protesters clash with police outside of government headquarters for Occupy Central on day three of the standoff. WSJ's Thomas DiFonzo reports from the ground.
10/4/2014 - The Wall Street Journal
China's World columnist Andrew Browne shows us his childhood neighborhood in Hong Kong and talks to people about the Occupy Central movement.
9/28/2014 - The Wall Street Journal
Demonstrators tell the WSJ's Diana Jou why they're supporting the pro-democracy movement.
9/29/2014 - The Wall Street Journal
As pro-democracy protests grew in Hong Kong on Monday, an aerial drone captured shots of the crowd as it massed in the city's business district. Photo: Facebook/Nero Chan
10/5/2014 - The Washington Post
As the President pro tempore of the Senate, Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.) has a different view of the world than most people – but few in his position have ever attempted to share such a unique vantage point with the world through photography.
9/30/2014 - The Wall Street Journal
Lawmakers chastised Secret Service director Julia Pierson over the Sept. 19 breach when an intruder got deep inside the White House. WSJ’s Reid Epstein and Tanya Rivero discuss. Photo: Getty
9/30/2014 - The Washington Post
There were some heated moments Tuesday when Secret Service Director Julia Pierson testified before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee about two security breaches at the White House, one in 2011 and one less than two weeks ago.
9/28/2014 - The Washington Post
The parents of Michael Brown, the black teenager fatally shot by a police officer in Ferguson, Mo., visited Washington to ask the federal government to take over the criminal investigation of his death.
9/30/2014 - The Wall Street Journal
The CDC confirmed the first U.S. case of Ebola in Texas on Tuesday. During a press briefing, Director Tom Frieden said he has "no doubt" that the case of the virus will be controlled. Photo/Video: CDC
10/4/2014 - Today Show
On her first day at Weekend TODAY, Sheinelle Jones shares some things you might not know about her, from her dancing skills to her family, and how to pronounce her name.
10/5/2014 - The Wall Street Journal
Takashi Goto revived Seibu Holdings after scandals by motivating employees with high-tech toilets and giving greater opportunities to women.
9/30/2014 - The Wall Street Journal
Veteran Secret Service agent Dan Emmett guarded three U.S. presidents and recently wrote a book about it called "Within Arm's Length." He says the recent White House security breaches were a "catastrophic failure," in an interview with WSJ's John Bussey.
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