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6/26/2014 - wochit news
The World Cup is the biggest sporting event on Earth — making it, obviously, the biggest soccer event on Earth. For Adidas — still the world's most iconic futebol brand despite a furious push from Nike in recent years — this makes the World Cup a rather humongous deal. Adidas sponsors the tournament, and is pulling out all the stops to extend its brand reach, imprint the three stripes in consumers' minds and generally make Brazil 2014 a smash success. CEO Herbert Hainer says that will give it record overall sales this year. Its efforts start at Adidas Posto, a temporary command center and workspace the company has set up at the headquarters of Clube de Regatas do Flamengo, Brazil's most popular professional team, which is located in this glamorous ocean-side city and sponsored by Adidas.

6/26/2014 - wochit news
Liam Neeson 's nephew was rushed to the hospital after suffering a serious head injury and is reportedly in critical condition. The 31-year-old son of Neeson's sister fell 20 feet from a telephone box after a night out with friends in East Sussex. The Daily Mail says, the accident occurred around 4:00 AM Sunday. It's eerie. The accident comes five years after Neeson's wife, Natasha Richardson , died after suffering a head injury while skiing in Quebec.

6/26/2014 - wochit news
Need inspiration for a stellar World Cup performance? How about having a lovely bride-to-be to be to cheer you on? That's the case for Kyle Beckerman, the dreaded U.S. Men's National Team midfielder currently tearing it up in the World Cup. Beckerman also serves as the team captain for Real Salt Lake, whose stadium served as the backdrop for the couple's memorable and sporty engagement photos.

6/26/2014 - wochit news
The daughter of a crew member of a South Korean ferry which sank killing hundreds of school children committed suicide on Thursday, police and prosecutors said, in a tragic twist to a disaster that prompted a nationwide outpouring of grief. The crew member, facing a charge of negligence in the April 16 sinking, was granted temporary release from detention so that he could help arrange the funeral. The 15 surviving crew of the ferry are on trial on charges ranging from negligence to homicide amid a public furor after video footage showed some escaping the sinking vessel as the children followed instructions and stayed on board.

7/6/2014 - Newsy
With hundreds of women, girls and boys taken captive this year, reports that dozens managed to escape are a welcome change.
7/6/2014 - The Wall Street Journal
Executives from over a dozen microcap companies -- also known as "penny stock" companies -- allegedly accepted a corrupt bargain offered to them in an FBI sting operation. WSJ's Jason Bellini diagrams how "Operation Pennypincher" worked.
7/11/2014 - wochit news
"Extreme selfies" are becoming a photographic genre all their own. The latest entry is from a man who decided to take a photo of himself while running away from a bull in Pamplona, Spain during the annual running of the bulls. Participating in the tradition is, of course, a risk, but this is taking danger to a new level. But the selfie wasn't just dangerous: It was also illegal.
6/26/2014 - Newsy
In the wake of an ISIS offensive that seized much of the country's north, Iraq's Parliament will try to create a new government to combat the threat.
7/11/2014 - The Wall Street Journal
Old food is good food. The yogurt made at the Yonah Schimmel Knish Bakery in New York uses an active culture that was brought from Eastern Europe by the bakery’s founder more than a century ago.
7/11/2014 - The Washington Post
Corporations and embryos are people; others not so much.
7/13/2014 - Newsy
China Central Television star anchor, Rui Chenggang, was taken into custody as part of an ongoing investigation into Communist Party corruption.
7/11/2014 - wochit news
The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating several videos filmed using drones that flew into and around firework displays, including two apparently shot on the Fourth of July and one from Florida that has received nearly nine million YouTube views. The agency this week confirmed at least three investigations into camera-equipped drones believed to have taken footage in Nashville, Tennessee, Greenville, South Carolina and West Palm Beach, Florida. The video that went viral features eight minutes of dramatic fireworks close-ups, with projectiles almost hitting the camera. It was posted in May, but quickly gained attention around Independence Day. Drones have been largely regulated at the federal level by the FAA, but an administrative law judge in March found the agency had no jurisdiction. The FAA is appealing, and last month issued guidance for the public reiterating its authority.

7/15/2014 - wochit news
The Tripoli airport was a hub for Libyans coming home for the Muslim fasting month and expatriates going on vacation. Now, Libya's main airport has turned into a battlefield between rival militias, a sign of anarchy in the oil producer. The weak government with its almost non-existent army is appealing for calm but fighters on both sides show no signs of abating in the worst militia clashes in the capital Tripoli since November.

7/11/2014 - wochit news
The 2014 World Cup has had its share of bad refereeing calls — but none so outrageous for U.S. fans as FIFA's decision Friday to not make goalkeeper Tim Howard a finalist for its "Golden Glove" award, given to the greatest keeper at the tournament. Howard made 15 saves during the USA v Belgium match, a new World Cup record.

7/20/2014 - Newsy
In China, 18 people are dead after Typhoon Rammasun swept over the southern region. The storm previously killed 94 people when it hit the Philippines.
7/14/2014 - Newsy
An eight-year-old article from Marxist philosopher Slavoj Zizek is under scrutiny for borrowing heavily from a white supremacist journal.
7/19/2014 - The Washington Post
Michael Bociurkiw, spokesperson of Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, describes to the journalists the scene at the crash site of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17. He said that the location had a heavy security presence and that “they were being watched very carefully.”
7/5/2014 - wochit news
On a holiday marking the birth of a nation of immigrants, protesters and counterprotesters began a new round of angry demonstrations Friday in a California town that was scheduled to receive new busloads of migrants arrested for entering the country illegally. The small Southern California city of Murrieta, named after a Spaniard whose family set up a sheep ranch there in 1873, is now a national flashpoint in the U.S.
7/11/2014 - wochit news
This week Israel launched a massive bombing campaign of Gaza. The military wing of Hamas, which is headquartered in Gaza, responded with a barrage of rockets aimed at Israel. The dramatic escalation of violence follows weeks of tension after the kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teenagers and the revenge killing of a Palestinian teenager, reportedly carried out by a gang of Jewish right-wing extremists. As many as 100 Palestinians have been killed by the shelling, including at least 21 children, according to reports. So far, no Israelis have died in the conflict. But one man was seriously injured when a rocket hit a gas station in Ashdod, south of Tel Aviv. The images on television are dramatic. As The New York Times reported, Shlomo Brom, a retired Israeli general at the Institute for National Security Studies in Tel Aviv, compared the situation to a “Greek tragedy in which both Israel and Hamas are running toward something that neither wants.”

7/8/2014 - wochit news
An hour later, it's still a shock: a 7-1 final score and utter humiliation for World Cup host Brazil at the feet of Germany in the tournament's semifinal. Brazilian players were teary-eyed after the match, fans sobbed openly and supporters worldwide tried to make sense of the surreal scene. But what many forgot is this: Brazil still has to take the field again in front of its home fans to play the loser of Argentina vs. the Netherlands, in the World Cup's third-place match on Saturday in Brasilia.

7/15/2014 - wochit news
Everyone knows it's not really a celebration unless someone is dancing like a complete fool. But if you just won the biggest sporting event in the world, then you are definitely allowed to show off a bit, which is exactly what Germany's World Cup team did when they arrived back home to thousands of fans ready to celebrate the victory. But the team didn't just walk out humbly waving like a pageant queen. These guys had routines. They had pizzazz and they had choreographed moves to execute. And finally, the big reveal of the World Cup trophy, a moment they milked for all it was worth to perfect the dramatic ambience.

7/12/2014 - The Washington Post
Roni Keidar, who lives in a southern Israeli community besieged by rocket fire, spoke Saturday about her close friendship with Maha Mehanna, a Palestinian woman who lives in Gaza. Keidar said neither side of the conflict can continue to live like this.
7/17/2014 - Newsy
Some analysts say Barbie losing her appeal and kids turning to electronics could be behind the declining shares.
7/22/2014 - The Washington Post
A federal appellate court ruling threatens to raise the price of health insurance for millions of Americans who bought through
7/5/2014 - wochit news
Argentina coach Alejandro Sabella has made three changes to his lineup for the World Cup quarterfinal against Belgium. In addition to Jose Basanta replacing suspended left back Marcos Rojo, Martin Demichelis is making his first appearance in the tournament, taking Federico Fernandez's spot in central defense. Lucas Biglia is playing in midfield instead of Fernando Gago, who hasn't impressed in previous games.

7/17/2014 - Newsy
The tragic crash of MH17 could have massive international consequences, especially for the conflicted eastern regions of Ukraine.
7/19/2014 - wochit news
Malaysia Airlines released a full flight manifest Saturday of the victims on board Flight MH17, which was shot down over eastern Ukraine, killing all 298 on board. In a press release accompanying the manifest, the airline said it still been unable to make contact with many of the family members of the victims, despite working with various foreign embassies. The victims include 193 Dutch, 43 Malaysians, 27 Australians and 12 Indonesians.

7/19/2014 - wochit news
Goodbye, old friend. The Mazda MX-5 Miata two-seat sports car as we know it is being discontinued, and replaced with an overhauled model for the 2016 model year. The new one'll be shown publicly in September. The chassis will be shared with Fiat for a sports car from that brand, and Mazda has exhibited a chassis that indicates the new car will be small, light, rear-drive — all the things than make the current one nonpareil.
7/19/2014 - wochit news
Forty-eight hours after a surface-to-air missile shot down Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 over eastern Ukraine, killing 298 people on board, little progress is being made in securing its massive crash site, and the international investigation into the incident is being completely obstructed. Machine gun-wielding rebels stopped the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe Special Monitoring Mission in their tracks for a second day upon their arrival at the site Saturday afternoon.
7/8/2014 - wochit news
Spirit Airlines baggage handlers have voted to be represented by the machinists union, joining three other employee groups at the low-cost carrier that have bargaining agents. Of 217 eligible voters, 131 voted to join the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, according to certified results from the U.S. National Mediation Board, which supervised the election that began June 16 and ended on Tuesday. Thirty-two of the Spirit Airlines workers voted for no representation. The Spirit Airlines election comes as unions mount a push to make new inroads at U.S. carriers, particularly low-cost airlines.

6/26/2014 - wochit news
Cristiano Ronaldo's first goal of the World Cup earned Portugal a 2-1 win over Ghana but couldn't prevent his team being eliminated from the tournament along with the Africans on Thursday. Portugal finished level on four points with second-place United States in Group G but with an inferior goal difference. Germany topped the group. Ronaldo slammed in the winner with his left foot in the 80th minute to break his drought in Brazil and give Portugal its first win.

7/5/2014 - wochit news
The Weather Channel reported post-tropical cyclone Arthur, downgraded from a hurricane, is pelting the Maine coast and expected to scrape across eastern Canada on Saturday. Arthur, moving north-northeast at about 23 mph, still carries maximum sustained winds of 65 mph and heavy amounts of rainfall. Tropical storm warnings remained in effect for Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and parts of New Brunswick, while rip currents continue to pose a threat along the East Coast.

7/19/2014 - Newsy
The latest Clinton document dump gives us new insight into Bill Clinton's tenure as U.S. president.
7/20/2014 - Newsy
Russian separatist rebels are reportedly limiting international investigators access to the crash site of MH17.
6/26/2014 - wochit news
A new report released by Australian officials on Thursday said, the passengers and crew of the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 most likely died from suffocation and coasted lifelessly into the ocean on autopilot. In a 55-page report, the Australian Transport Safety Board outlined how investigators had arrived at this conclusion after comparing the conditions on the flight with previous disasters, although it contained no new evidence from within the jetliner.

7/8/2014 - wochit news
Another month, another itty-bitty update to the Xbox One. The Xbox One’s July update doesn’t bring any earth shattering features, but it does pack a few new tricks you might not notice on your own. The Achievements screen is now snappable and users can now snap an app without using the Kinect or going back to the homescreen first. When playing a game, double tap the Xbox button; this will bring up a list of snappable apps. Be on the lookout for news about the August update; if past traditions hold true, Microsoft should let loose a few details on that one in the next week or two.

7/18/2014 - The Wall Street Journal
With the downing of MH17, Malaysia Airlines has lost two planes in five months. The WSJ’s Ramy Inocencio asks Vivian Lines, global vice chairman at Hill+Knowlton Strategies, if Malaysia Airlines can survive.
7/5/2014 - wochit news
European Central Bank executive board member Sabine Lautenschlaeger said she does not see the ECB embarking on a bond-buying spree in the near future, according to a German newspaper report. She said a large-scale purchase of bonds would only be an option if the ECB faced extraordinary risks, adding: "I really don't see that right now".

7/6/2014 - wochit news
Israel arrested six Jewish suspects Sunday in the grisly slaying of a Palestinian teenager who was abducted and burned alive last week — a crime that set off a wave of violent protests in Arab sections of the country. Leaders of the Jewish state appealed for calm amid signs the death was revenge for the recent killings of three Israeli teenagers.
7/7/2014 - The Wall Street Journal
Boston bombing suspects are going to trial -- starting with two Kazak exchange students who are accused of trying to conceal evidence and protect their friend, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. If found guilty, they could be sentenced to decades behind bars. What are prosecutors telling the jury? What's their defense? Who else faces charges? WSJ's Jason Bellini has The Short Answer.
7/9/2014 - Newsy
Chicago author and contributor to "Fiesta: How to Survive the Bulls of Pamplona" was gored on Wednesday by a bull in Pamplona.
7/10/2014 - Newsy
Former Republican lawmaker, Todd Akin, released an early copy of his book. In it, Akin walks back his apology for the infamous rape comment.
7/11/2014 - Newsy
Government health officials are cracking down on health labs after major mishaps that could've let to accidental exposure to diseases.
7/1/2014 - wochit news
As the United States, Nigeria and others struggle to track and choke off its funding, Reuters interviewed more than a dozen current and former U.S. officials who closely follow Boko Haram provide the most complete picture to date of how the group finances its activities. Central to the militant group’s approach includes using hard-to-track human couriers to move cash, relying on local funding sources and engaging in only limited financial relationships with other extremists groups. It also has reaped millions from high-profile kidnappings. Until now, U.S. officials have declined to discuss Boko Haram’s financing in such detail.

7/11/2014 - wochit news
Expert analysts say, even though Israel’s U.S.-funded “Iron Dome” rocket-defense interceptors appear to be hitting Hamas rockets in recent days, they are almost certainly failing in the crucial job of detonating those rockets’ shrapnel-packed explosive warheads. As a result, rockets fired from Gaza are probably plunging to the ground with intact explosives. The analysts add that the fact that they aren’t causing injuries or deaths in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and other cities is mainly a matter of luck. On July 10, the Israel Defense Forces said missiles from the system had intercepted 56 rockets fired out of Gaza, preventing strikes in several cities. Yet Richard Lloyd, a weapons expert and consultant who is a past Engineering Fellow at Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems, says that because these interceptions had almost certainly not detonated the rockets’ warheads, “it’s pretty much a total failure.”

7/5/2014 - wochit news
If you live in the Birmingham area, and you're missing a suspicious number of packages, you may want to consider checking your local ravine. An unidentified United States Postal Service worker in Birmingham, Ala., was caught on video Monday apparently removing some packages from a USPS-branded mail delivery van and then hurling them off a steep embankment by the road. When reached for comment by the Alabama Media Group, Special Agent Kenneth D.
6/26/2014 - wochit news
A prominent Libyan activist who had become an international face of her strife-torn country's efforts to build a democracy was assassinated by gunmen who stormed her home in the restive eastern city of Benghazi shortly after casting her ballot in the country's parliamentary elections, police said Thursday. The slaying of Salwa Bugaighis stunned residents of her home city, politicians, activists and diplomats, among whom she was well known. International rights groups called on authorities to investigate, something many Libyans believe won't be possible amid widespread fear of militias.

6/26/2014 - Newsy
Baker served in the Senate for 18 years, becoming famous for his bipartisan investigation of the Watergate scandal.
7/13/2014 - wochit news
Two and a half years after it crashed off this pristine Italian island — killing 32 passengers — the cruise ship Costa Concordia will be finally refloated and towed away for its final journey to the scrapyard. If successful, the removal operation will be yet another feat of engineering. The cruise liner shipwrecked in January 2012 off Giglio, and island in the Tyrrhenian Sea. A massive salvage operation has since been launched by Italian authorities since the accident that left 32 people dead.

7/13/2014 - The Wall Street Journal
Facebook has funded the salary of a Menlo Park police officer and the construction of a police substation near its headquarters. Experts say such arrangements can lead to potential conflicts of interest. WSJ's Zusha Elinson reports. Photo: Craig Lee for The Wall Street Journal
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